Saturday, January 14, 2006

Some Movies Are Worth Paying For Twice

Since the Unknown Wife hosted a baby shower for one of her friends today, I took the Unknown Son and the Unknown Daugher out on the town for a few hours. This way, everyone was happy - we were out of their hair, and I didn't have to be anywhere near ten women oooing and aahing over how cute the presents were.

So, when I asked the kids what movie they wanted to see, they both said "Chronicles of Narnia". This is despite their both already having seen it (and the Unknown Son twice!)

It's a movie that stands up well under repeated viewings, whether for a child or for an adult. The kids said they liked it even better the second time around (which means we'll probably end up adding it to the DVD library). Afterwards, we even scored an Edmund figure at McDonalds (although it took going to three stores to get one).

Best of all, I managed to avoid being at the shower. Everyone was happy, and no one got hurt. One of the nice things about being married for fifteen years is that we're comfortable with the idea that we're actually better off NOT doing some things together (like shopping, sporting events, or "chick flick"). Adding testosterone into some situations is a recipe for disaster all around.

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