Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This Week's Carnival of Investing

I'm a day late, but This week's Carnival of Investing is being hosted at FreeMoneyFinance. It's arelatively new Carnival, and worth checking out. Here are some of the this week's pieces I found interesting:
Blueprint For Financial Security tells us that Taxes Should Affect Your Stock Decisions. In particular, he discusses the difference between short and long-term capital gains.

JLP at AllThingsFinancial is Looking at an Investment Strategy for Retirement.

The Radical Guide To Investing discusses portfolio allocation in An Optimised Portfolio Using Only ETFs.

Abnormal Returns talks about Taking advice from the already wealthy. The key point (understand their biases) is applicable to evaluating advice from anyone.

Fat Pitch Financials found a link that allows you to get Free Morningstar Stock Research for 15 of Morningstar's top rated stocks.
All in all, a good carnival. Of course, there are other pieces too, so look around.

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