Monday, January 16, 2006

This Week's Carnival Of The Capitalists

It's Monday, so it must be Carnival Day. This week's COTC is up at Wordlab (I like their "pull quote", but I'd call it the "Money Quote"). As usual, here are my picks of the week:
In Your 2006 Paycheck, Political Calculations provides a calculator that tells "how much money we'll be able to keep after the U.S. government has gotten its dirty, stinking ape paws all over our paychecks." Ouch!

It's beginning to look a lot like tax time, so Free Money Finance gives us some helpful advice in Five Common Tax Filing Mistakes.

voluntaryXchange examines Prices of Liquids by the Barrel. Oil doesn't look that pricey after all. I actually have a breeder friend who sells one of the liquids in question over the Net - you can't buy a barrel.

The Entrepreneurial Mind has a post called Economic Growth is Creating Staffing Challenges where he makes an obvious but often overlooked point -- give people what they want, and you're more attractive. asks Who Owns the Corporation? His answer is not what most people would think.

Econbrowser is wondering when interest rate increases will end in What's the Fed waiting for?

Personal Finance Advice has a post illustrating the power of compound interest in Compound Interest, Manhattan & the Indians

Financial Reference makes a good point about Mutual Fund Expenses -- looking at expenses is more important than chasing past performance (particularly if markets are efficient).
That's it for this week's COTC. As usual, look around, since everybody has different interests. I'll post my picks from the Carnival of Personal Finance later today once I've had more coffee.

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