Monday, January 09, 2006

This Week's Carnival of Personal Finance

This week's Carnival of Personal Finance is up at AllThingsFinancial. As usual, here are my picks for the week.

Unfortunately, we'll soon begin the tax dance once again. Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has some advice on Organizing Your Tax Information.

Consumerism Commentary is talking about Rebate Scams.

Retire at 30 continues his series on budgeting with Budgeting Made Easy, Part 2: Buy Quicken.

We may be selling a house this year if things work out. So, this one really caught my eye. Searchlight Crusade gives us some pointers on Buying One Property While Selling Another.

Just Another Money Blog gives us 10 Financial Strategies for the New Year.

InvestorGeeks discuss options for short-term funds in The Money Market and You.

As always, there are many other good pieces in this week's Carnival - these are just the ones that caught my eye. Check around, 'cuz tastes differ.

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