Monday, January 23, 2006

This Week's Carnival Of The Capitalists

This week's COTC is up at Patent Baristas. Since my focus is finance and economics, there were a few that pparticularly caught my eye:
Below the Beltway give an update on the bankruptcy reform laws and the (lack of) impact on the number of people filing for bankruptcy.

Marketplace Monitor looks at the role of unemployment in civilization. He argues that unemployment is a sign that labor is shifting away from low demand production to high is still possible.

Econbrowser gives us an analysis of the world oil markets after the decline of U.S. production.

I'm a bit of a Ben Franklin buff, so I got a kick from this post by TaxUpdate Blog about the taxes Ben Franklin would be paying if he were alive today

Searchlight Crusade blogster Dan Nelson explains who gets the deposit when escrow falls through.

Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog explains how to estimate the size of retirement nest egg we'll need.

Finally, Personal Finance Advice blog recommends staggering your free credit reports as a way of better detecting fraud early.
As always, browse around. There's usually lots of good things at a Carnival.

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