Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Year's Resolution Update - Week 2

It's so windy out tonight (gusts up to 45 mph) that I can't sleep. So, I'm back downstairs working some more (more programming) and blogging away until I'm so exhausted I'll sleep hrough the howling wind.

Anyway, here's the latest in the continuing saga of my New Year's resolutions.

I did better this week on getting out of bed by 6:00 -- made it 4 out of 7 days, and got up at 6:30, 6:40, and 7:30 on the other days. So, I'm making progress, and my body seems to be acclimating.

I also did much better on the research goal-- one day I put in 2 hours, and put in at least 3 hours on every other day (and, once again, NO zero days). So far, it's going well. Next week I have more beginning-of-semester BS, and the week after it's back in the saddle for the new semester. So, at least I'll have three weeks of habit formation behind me before classes start. So, with luck I (and more importantly, some discipline) I should be able to keep the momentum up.

As far as the aerobic activity, I only worked out 3 days (did almost 20 minutes each time). Since we had 55 degree weather one day, I took the bike outside and put in an quick 5 miles. It was so enjoyable that I went out and bought a pair of tights and a good windbreaker. I figure I can ride with these additions if it's at least 40-45 degrees out. We'll see.

Unfortunately, no change on the body weight.

And with that (and my eyes crossing), it's finally time to say good night.

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