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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Resolution Update- Week 4

Here's the latest in the continuing saga of my New Year's resolutions.

First off, I'm still not getting my sorry backside (or any other part) out of bed by 6 - I only managed it twice this week. I blame it on the semester starting, but the simple truth is, I need to get to bed at an earlier hour (by 10:30 at the latest).

I've done much better at my research resolution. I still have my string of no "zero productivity" days since the start of the year intact. It's now up to 29 in a row.

I put in an hour on research three days, three hours on two days, and four hours on two days this week. The best news is that I finally finished the empirical part of a paper I've been working on for the last few months (on and off), and the results look promising. Now for the writing of the paper - I've got an earlier draft, but the empirical part has changed so much that this will almost be a new paper.

I've also had a good week as far as getting exercise. I rode on five of the seven days once (for 20 minutes) inside on my wind trainer, and four days (for at least 30 minutes each day) outside. On one day, it was 35 degrees with winds gusting up to 20 mph, so I felt pretty good about just getting outside. This might not seem that cold to you non-cyclists, but heading into the wind on a bike makes for some severe windchill. On one day, the temperature got up to 53 degrees, so I got in a ten miler. Again, it's not much, but it all adds up.

My weight is still unchanged, but if I keep up with the exercise, it should take care of itself.

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